Ever Dated Someone You Met On A Plane?

I was recently on one of those giant winged coffins they called planes, and before I embarked, I explained a little about their giant winged coffin-ness. “Cheer up!” someone said, “maybe a hot guy will sit next to you!”

 Hah! Whenever I fly, I hope that there will not be a hot guy sitting next to me. Because, you know, I got The New Dead as a Christmas present, and I’ve got some reading to do, and priorities. Priorities. Mostly I hope there will be no one next to me. If there is someone, I hope it will be a narcoleptic mute. But a lot of people are not me.

A lot of people are Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy in that really romantic movie, Red Eye.

For those people, there’s a service called TripLife which will set you up with people on planes, or in hotels. I can see how this would make travel more enjoyable if you hit it off and had a new friend to tour the town with - but aren’t the best first dates ones where you have an easy escape? Like, I plan all my first dates “at the park.” And then, if they say something I find offensive, I just run, run as far away as I can, never looking back. If you try that on a plane, people get all antsy. The best you can do if the conversation isn’t going well on a plane is pretend to be asleep for the next hour and a half.

Go ahead, though prove me wrong. Has anyone met someone in a plane? Because, that happens to people, right? Tell me all about it! I’ve got plenty of legroom here in 9C. And I apologize if I doze, or misconstrue Cillian Murphy’s serial killer actions as “sweet like sugar.”

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    • L

      1. No, never been on a plane and likely to never need to fly. But I don’t think I’d protest if a hot guy were sitting next to me and he wasn’t an ass.
      2. Oh my God Cillian Murphy I loooove hiiiim. But seriously, Red Eye. Do people really think serial killers are SWEET? Is this part of the Twilight phenomenon?

    • sl

      no hot dudes, but some SERIOUS creepers……
      1) I was trying to sleep on a red eye and the dude next to me said I should use his shoulder, and when I politely refused he grabbed my head and said “here! dont be shy!” so i sat up and said i had decided to read…..so he asked me to read to him!! (then told me Age of Innocence was boring)….later he grabbed my hand and decided we should play thumb war and at the end of the flight he grabbed my hand ( I had been fiddling with a ring) and took the ring off an proposed……

      I’ll take the narcoleptic mute please

      • Jennifer Wright

        What exactly about the heartbreaking struggle of Countess Olenska and Newland Archer to break free from the confines of repressive old New York society did he find “boring”? The awesome parts? Or the awesomer parts? What about the awesomest parts?

      • Eileen

        If he told you Age of Innocence was boring because Newland Archer is essentially a carbon-copy of Ethan Frome, and could Wharton please start writing about men with spines instead of losers in love with their partners’ cousins…

        …he’s still an asshole, but I agree with him.

      • Jennifer Wright

        But Eileen, The Age of Innocence is the most perfect depiction of turn of the century American manners EVER. And a lot of it still holds up! The bit about how Americans are the only people more anxious to get away from entertainment than they are to get to it? You can quote that every time you’re in a movie theater! They way the neighborhoods change from fashionable to unfashionable? Larry Lefferts always trying to accuse someone of immorality whenever he’s been unfaithful?

        It’s funny. I love how funny and witty it all is. People look at all the Victorian garb on the cover and don’t realize what a sassy little broad Edith Wharton is.

        I’m sort of fascinated by the elaborate social heirarchy that exists in that world, where every action seems to carry some amazing symbolic meaning. I think of all the time that, say, modern women spend disecting some dude’s text to no avail because there is generally no deeper meaning. When Newland sends Ellen yellow roses she could totally analyze it AND IT WOULD ACTUALLY MEAN SOMETHING. Because it was an elaborate code! I love the idea that there were people you could petition if you’d been ostracized. Or that you could buy Paris clothes, but not wear them for years – unless you’re Beaufort’s mistress. All these rules that just don’t exist in any form today. And it’s all so fascinating, the idea of having a set of rules to always fall back on. Fascinating and terrifying, because obviously, Ellen just wanders around defying them constantly without ever knowing it. And I think Edith Wharton is able to get the good and bad elements of living in that kind of structured society. Because for all the book is an indictment of it, it’s beautiful too, right? I think, at least for me, it’s easy to get seduced by the idea of a world where everything was ordered and therefore, in a way, safe and simple. As long as you weren’t in love with your fiancee’s cousin.

        But, God, the pasion of it all. All that wanting. We don’t want anymore, do we? I mean, okay, we want a little, but its so easy to sate our desires. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t generally go for the whole “lovers kept apart by class” thing – I’m not a fan of Jane Austen, because I always just find the characters a little bit dry – but that scene by the fireplace in The AOI? That scene is hot. Ellen and Newland didn’t just want to hang out and exchange bon mots, they wanted to screw like bunnies. I mean, Ellen is a recent divorcee and is probably carrying on an affair with Beaufort, Newland has had a mistress (and Wharton is suprisingly up front about all of that) – they’re pretty lusty little people. But they can never be together. That desire just sort of hangs between them, simmering, constantly. And to me, that makes it more exciting than any bodice ripper could ever be.

        And in any other age they would have been together. It would have been no problem, right? I mean, okay, it would have been awkward, but it would have worked out. But they can’t be. Because society is not the sort of vague background noise we think of it as being today, it’s a very real thing, that dictates very specifically how you can live your life.

        And that last bit? When he sees her? God, I sob. Every. Single. Time. I don’t understand that last scene. I just don’t. Why does it have to be that way? Why? Why, Eileen, why?

        And I sometimes make reservations under the name Ellen Olenska when I’m pretending to be a spy.

        So, in conclusion, pistols at dawn, Eileen.

        Also, SL, yes, he is a creepy. This conversation has clearly taken an unexpected turn towards the literary!

      • Eileen

        Okay, so this is a book I didn’t like (and thus never re-read) about six years ago, and I’ve seen the movie since and hated it (Daniel Day-Lewis’s fault, because Michelle Pfeiffer can make almost anything likable). I also read it shortly on the heels of Ethan Frome, which I hated for more or less the same reason, so they kind of blend together sometimes (why I followed a book I hated with another book by the same author, I’ll never know). So obviously you remember it a lot better than I do (and since I apparently need a parenthetical note every clause, I’ll add that I don’t have a copy on the bookshelf for references and thus am flying off the seat of my pants), but I do remember my biggest impression on finishing it was that Newland Archer was a loser. There are two acceptable ways to deal with the situation of being in love with your fiancee’s cousin: Run off with her and say to hell with it, or accept that you’re not going to be with her, look for the best in your fiancee, and get over it. Newland seemed to choose secret option 3: Be miserable about how you can’t have the one you want.

        Now, that doesn’t necessarily a bad book make (Gone With the Wind is a favorite of mine, after all). But I don’t like books very much if I can’t sympathize with the characters on at least some level, and I especially don’t like men who go on and on about women they can’t have for whatever reason. I’ve always thought that being happy is essentially a personal choice: We don’t pick our situations, but we do control how they react to them. I am sure it sucks to be mutually in love with someone society says you can’t have. If Edward VIII and Wallis (Warfield, Spencer) Simpson were still alive, I’m sure they’d agree. But everyone has choices, and the one that Newland made hurt May, too, because no one wants to be married to someone in love with her cousin. Basically, I just never found Newland appealing and it ruined the book for me. So I can see where Random Asshole on the plane was coming from, if in fact he was coming from the same place I do.

        I can’t offer you pistols at dawn, though, because the sun’s already risen on the east coast.

    • Will Scully-Power

      Hi All,

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      Bummer! Without their name how are you going to search for them on Facebook?

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      Good luck!


    • Tabitha

      I am responding to the original post..
      two days ago I was boarding a plane by myself coming home from vaca and was behind a group of really cute guys my age. when I boarded the plane they were all split up but as luck would have it I was seated right next to one of them. His cologne was amazing and he was extremely handsome. Since our plane had been delayed an hour and it was a 9 o clock pm flight we all were already on edge. Anyways when we sat down we started making small conversation, talking about the delay and which employee to blame for our delay and how we happened to luck out in the back row with the only unreclining chairs on the plane. As we waited for the plane to depart we laughed about sports teams because he was from Texas and I from Wisconsin, and we were both flying into o’hare in Chicago. During the loud takeoff we started reading our books and didnt exchange words until the drink cart came by and he offered to buy me a drink. After accepting a Jack and Coke that he also ordered he paid for the drinks and we laughed about the books we were reading. I made comments about how unmanly the title of his book was, the happy horses or something like that lol, and I fell into an embarrassed frenzy when he told me that he knew what 50 shades of grey was about because I had paused to talk to him during a very steamy part of my new juicy book. After a while I was cold and I turned off my air vent, and he reached up and turned off his even though he had complained earlier that it was super hot on the plane. We both became distracted and fidgety because of the turbulence that was caused by the lightning storms and decided to talk about the magazine that the plane provides for purchasing random items. We deduced that the phone on the seat in front of him was for ordering things impulisvely like hoarders, and that he must be the VIP because he was the only one in our row that had one lol. Also we joked about how rediculous some of the things in the magazine were and we paused every so often to view the light show in the sky from the lightning. I learned that he has a dog named Mickey, shes a black lab and 8 years old. I leared that he graduated college in 2006, and went to Texas State University. He wears real cowboy boots, the kind without zippers lol and is scared of rats and doesnt mind snakes. He likes fourwheelers, the sox, hates the cubs and doesnt mind the packers. He takes a vacation to chicago once a year to see a few ball games at wrigley field and likes jimmie johnson as far as nascar goes. I know his mom likes 50 shades of grey, and that he speaks enough spanish to order a beer. He likes jack and Coke and is more than willing to pay for a gals drink. we walked to the baggage terminal together, his friends all walking behind us lol and he helped me get my bag down off of the slide thing.

      We exchanged jokes about how my last names Miller like Miller Lite the beer I drink and his last name Johnson like the nascar driver he likes, while I secretly hoped that he would remember my last name.
      facebook is such a wonderful social networking site :p When I got my luggage I told him to facebook me and that it was nice meeting him. He flashed a gorgeous smile, I turned to the door, and never looked back.

      Sounds crazy, but something was there between us. The conversation was just so smooth and amusing. Though this flight was only 2 hours and 45 mins, 3 hours and 15 including the time it took for the plane to take off and land, I feel a strange desire to talk to this man again.

      I did find him on facebook lol, I was SO curious! I wanted to see pictures of him, know more about him, talk to him again. BUT it’s only been two days and I feel like I should wait to see if he gets in touch with me on facebook like he said he would. I am not the kind of girl to chase a man down but I think I will break down and contact him if he doesn’t get around to it lol

      anyways, it could happen to anyone. I have taken over 20 flights and this was the first one I would say was actually enjoyable. Some people find love in the strangest places. :p

      • Airborne

        If this ever happens again, get his number! Something similar just happened to me about an hour ago on a flight, and I did not hesitate to get a number. But, yes, you should absolutely contact him via Facebook. You have zero to lose.