Gallery: Unicorns In Fashion

This photo by Nick Knight is allegedly the cover of Lady Gaga’s next album. This is also what inspired The Cut to declare: “Lady Gaga Is Making Unicorns Happen.” Finally, the unicorns contained herein can have their moment.

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    • Serena

      As soon as I saw the words ‘unicorn’ and ‘fashion’ together in the same tweet, I knew this was something big. Bring back the unicorn!


    • Lilit Marcus

      This article does not mention The Unicorns (specifically, HBIC Lila Fowler) from Sweet Valley High. Minus five points.

      • Linda

        Yes! Lila Fowler! Loved that stuff when I was little.

    • Mary

      I’m with Lilit here. Shit better be purple and shiny for real Unicorn approval.