These Padded Jock Undies Have a Sculpting Secret

Love your boyfriend but want his package to look heftier? Well, that’s weird because padded underwear isn’t going to help out anyone in a meaningful way (unless you think lumpy junk is insanely alluring).

But! Designer-no-one-has-ever-heard-of-until-this-callous-publicity-stunt Andrew Christian has installed little wads of fake genitalia in his jock boxers and briefs.

Take a look:


(via Refinery 29)

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    • JP

      These underwear are indeed ridiculous, but he is certainly not some designer-no-one-has-ever-heard-of. His line of underwear are, in fact, quite popular and well-known. You wouldn’t know, Ashley, since you don’t wear men’s underwear… I hope.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Point taken!

    • Johnny

      Off-putting to you perhaps, sweetie, but me and my mates rather think it’s spiced.