• Thu, Jan 6 2011

Your Intellect Is Predicted By Your Pony Tail

I take offense at the suggestion that Pebbles Flintstone was retarded. – Buzzfeed

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  • L

    I enjoyed this immensely, more so because I’ve attempted to wear all of these. But I appear to be above average most of the time. Is there an “evil mastermind” ponytail?

    • Lorraine

      Maybe it isn’t the placement so much as the amount of product used to determine an “evil mastermind” — think slicked back, helmet hair.

  • Lorraine

    Iced tea almost came out of my nose when I saw this. I was just commenting on the VERY high samarai-looking pony tail a girl was wearing here and then I stumbled on this!

  • Lindsay Cross

    Does it count if your hair is in a bun, instead of a ponytail? Because my bun can get pretty high, I blame it on years of ballet.

    • Eileen

      I like mine high for working out – I don’t want any hair on my neck. We can just not mention it to anyone; they’ll never find out :)

  • Jessica Pauline Ogilvie

    I’m glad that something good can be made of my inability to figure out how to style my hair.

  • gdog

    “theoretical zero point” made me snort my morning coffee through my nose in choked laughter.