An Open Letter to Sammi Sweetheart Concerning Her New Perfume Launch

Dear Sammi,

I am just going to call you Sammi, aight? I mean, this whole Sweetheart thing is a total lie. Plus, if Snooki can be Nicole now, you’re not too good to use your real name. So, Samantha, you must be pissed that the other people from your show have way more endorsement deals than you. The Situation has a vodka, Snooki has a book, JWoww has a clothing line, and Vinny has my undying love and affection. Now that you have already stolen the name of my favorite American Girl doll and tried to ruin it by being a trifling nitwit who lets her boyfriend treat her like shit on television, you have found time to launch a fragrance.

The scent is called “Dangerous.” Then again, it might also be called “Dangerous Perfume.” It sounds stupid to include the name of the product in the product, don’t you think, Sammi? It would be like calling your lipstick “Lipstick Colored Lipstick” or asking your friends to tell if your boyfriend is cheating and then yelling at them for being honest with you. It was smart of you to have a men and women’s scent available, though, because no girl would want to do anything differently from her boyfriend. The couple who smells alike and spends every waking second together stays together.

But there’s one thing that’s bothering me, Sammi: what does your fragrance smell like? I’d imagine it’s some combination of “stays in bed all day long” crossed with “Ron Ron Juice.” And I don’t know what flaming bitchitude smells like, but I’m sure it has top notes of honey and freesia.

Best of luck with the whole product endorsement thing. I was personally holding you’d hope out for a line of extensions that withstand hot tubs and dumb fights with your boyfriend because Britney Spears probably would have bought your entire stock, but hey, your crack decision-making ability has never failed you.

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    • modish

      Easily one of the top 5 worst marketing images I’ve ever encountered in the ‘beauty industry’. It does nothing to create excitement around the potential purchase of the perfume.

      • Erica

        Um how is so? I don’t see why this add is worse than any other. Sam is a hell sexy woman, independant, strong, with a big heart. BIG heart. I am really curious what her perfume is like. Smell like a gourgeous smart girl? Or dress like an ugly man with silicone boobs who brags about her trashlife, beating up girls she’s jealous at. Haven’t seen or heard of Jennis “clothing line” and Who would want to dress like that 40-yearold with the brain of a 14-yearold?

    • Erica

      What a stupid and pointless post. So when you see abuse versus a girl you hate the girl for it and blame her for “letting her boyfriend”. I imagine that if it would be the other way around you would feel sorry for and baby the guy, even if it was just nothing. That is usually how Sam’s crazy hate-stalkers reason. How can you think that her friends told her about Ron’s cheating? They didn’t. Everybody in the house lied to her to protect Ron. You should extend your blame to the entire cast. Everyone let’s Ron be an asshole. That Jenni and Snookie wrote an ANONYMOUS letter and then DENIED THEY HAD WRITTEN IT is something completely different than friends telling the truth. They denied it because they didn’t want to upset RON. I can’t believe how thick you are to not see this, when you hate seen it. I can imagine you have never had a boyfriend or friends since you don’t understand this that is basic. If your “friends” lie to you to protect your cheating boyfriend they are neither friends or honest. Jenni was also comforting Ron alot. Did you ever see Jenni or Snookie give Sam a hug? Sit down and talk to her like they did with Ron? Sam shows she is way above their league cause in season 4 in Italy Sam comforts Snookie aLOT. She gives her full support. She also somehow forgives Jenni and is “the bigger person though noone apologize to her. Mike apologize to Ron for admitting the truth to Sam when she had found the note and noone would talk to her about it and she cried. Can you imagine how Sam must have felt? And if it is so bloody hard for the rest of the cast to in any way stick up to Ron (never happens) how hard isn’t it for Sam who is in love with him and get’s psychological damage by his abuse-when she has No support. Still Sam sticks up to Ron. She really does. She also sticks up to Jenni which noone else dare to. Sam sticks up for herself no matter what even though you can’t imagine how hard it must be with no support, isolated from friends and family and constant emotional abuse from her boyfriend who everyone protects and supports. And you have the nerv to extend this emotional abuse and say that Sam is weak and let’s people treat her bad. About her perfume, you must feel so much hate to bother about that when youre not interested in buying. You are a disgusting person.

    • Erica

      Oh and about the name of the perfume and that. You don’t get it because you are thick but it is a word game how they put it. The perfume is Named “Dangerous” but when they write “Dangerous perfume” the word “dangerous” is an ADJECTIVE. I can imagine you weren’t able to get throug school-just like Ron. Probably to busy sitting on a bench with your loser crowd and hate beautiful, smart, independent girls like Sam who knew how to be happy and do something with her life. Basic grammar is taught in primary school..

    • Maegan

      The person who wrote this “letter” could not be more wrong.
      This is dated a year ago but I don’t really care.

      I ordered Sammi’s perfume off the Shore Store website and got it in the mail last week, saying how awful this purfume smells could not be more WRONG!

      I am a very big fan of fragrances and body lotions and all that stuff so frankly I feel I know what I’m talking about, if I were to count all of the different fragrances I have had and the ones I do have now , I am pretty confident it would be a three digit number!

      And on my life I swear I have never smelt (at least not in a while) something as soft and classy smelling as sammi’s purfume! it smells amazing, one spritz it good enough and it lasts all day and I am a smoker and after I have a smoke you can still smell the purfume
      and thats the kind of purfume that is well worth buying because it sticks all day like a purfume should!!

      And to the person who wrote this so called letter – Lilit Marcus – have you actually smelt the fragrance yourself? if you haven’t then why on earth are you bashing it? haven’t you ever heard of “dont knock it till you try it” ? and if you have smelt it and you still dont like it I’m sorry but you should get your nose unplugged because its simply amazing!

      A couple ladies I work with who dont even wear purfume smelt it on me and asked what it was because they liked the smell!!!

      Sammi’s purfume is Dangerously Delicious!!
      not that she’ll ever see this …at least I doubt it
      but props to you girl!! you did a fabulous job on this! it smells amazing!!!