Gallery: The 8 Kinds Of Break-Ups

Break-Ups. They happen. They happen in one of the following ways.

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    • Lisa

      SO good to know I had a Robot Unicorn Attack breakup. This makes everything much clearer.

    • epilonious

      I feel like every high school relationship ends in Forces Beyond Your Control. The rest feel like Horrible People breakup or The Worst breakup but eventually become friends or unicorn rainbow when looked at in rose-colored hindsight.

      Otherwise, how the hell do people ever try for a second relationship?

    • Castallare

      Good Christ; it’s like you KNOW my soul. (Also, you’re right; The One Where He Cries is so weirdly satisfying even though you fucking hate it. Especially when he goes through the Stages of Grief in a series of voicemails. Because you HAVE to let your friends hear that, right?)

    • Monica

      Why do I even read articles online anymore? This was ridiculous.

    • Ellen W.

      Another good example of The Awful Kind is in Something’s Gotta Give, the first part of the breakup where Diane Keaton’s character just cries and cries and then cries and laughes a little but still mostly cries. It stops being accurate when she starts laughing more than crying and writes a hit broadway musical, but up until then it’s perfect.

    • K

      You’re absolutely hilarious. I love your articles.