In Poor Taste: Gucci, Fendi, Dior Assault Rifles

There’s no way this is real (hopefully), but if it was, we’d have to do a whole separate gallery of awful designer-branded products. Unfathomably, these are even tackier than Louis Vuitton trash bags.

(via MK mag)

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    • Elsa S

      Havent u seen the Hello Kitty one? lol

    • L

      I immediately went “OOOH” when I saw this. The two paths to my heart-KFC and guns.

    • Johnny Paycheck

      That gold plated dark cherry wood Gucci rifle is pretty sexy, id shoot it!

    • *Ray The Trucker*

      Fendi & Dior really just need to stick with handbags and shit, but Gucci looks like a bad ass mother fucking rifle. Id probably shoot it and buy one for my wife. good thoughts though but i bet you at least one celeb has already bought one and showed it off and then just threw it in their back closet to collect dust, crazy how some people cant be happy with that, but that’s just how some fucked up people are ya know….

    • T-RENT

      Luvin’ that dark cherry wood Gucci Rifle fo real!