• Mon, Jan 10 2011

Poll: Would You Wear a Bikini Like This?

When it comes to stripping down on the beach, I generally don’t have a problem with getting as naked as you want to be. Throw a thong strap up your asscrack, or get the girls out, for all I care.

And this bikini is no different. However, from a distance, it looks a lot like Whitney Port is rocking a napkin, double-side-taped to her vagina, and I don’t think it’s a cute look. I also don’t know if she realizes that it looks that way, because she doesn’t seem like a nudie kind of gal, and that makes the whole experience of viewing this picture feel a little predatory.

What do you think?

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  • Mary

    It looks like she has massive pubes.

  • MNiM

    If I had the figure for it, I would quite possibly wear less than that. But, I still wouldn’t wear that bathing suit.

  • Lindsay Cross

    I’m going to have to agree that it looks like she needs a trim down there. Those have to be the most unflattering ruffles that I’ve ever seen.

  • BriannaW

    I was going to say, does ANYONE ELSE notice that it looks like she has serious bush poking out on all sides of the bikini? I would wear this if it didn’t have those stupid ruffles.

  • ALS

    Yeah, I thought when I clicked on this that the problem was going to be that it looked like she needed a good waxing, not that the bathing suit looked like a napkin.

  • L

    As it’s been said-bush. Wow. Never.

  • Grace

    Why did they have to add ruffles that look like pubes?

  • crackerjackie

    I mean.. merkins are fashionable lately, no?