Which Do You Remember Better: Your First Kiss or Losing Your Virginity?

According to research performed by Dr. Sheril Kirshenbaum, people have more vivid memories of their first kiss than they do of losing their virginity. For some people that’s because they remember the specific story of a first kiss, while a first sexual encounter is more about feelings and sensations. Do you agree with these findings?

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    • Eileen

      My first kiss was something that I was really excited and happy about. Losing my virginity was something I just wanted to be over with. So, yes, despite the fact that the former came four and a half years before the latter, I remember the kissing way better than the sex.

    • Colleen

      My first kiss was traumatic (think of someone drooling on your face); losing my virginity was special…so I remember both vividly! :)

    • Stella

      I was a bit older when I lost my virginity, and I don’t remember much about that night at all (thank you Long Island ice tea….). First kiss was absolutely amazing! A lot of planning went into it on the guys part…