Would You Ever ‘Keep Up Appearances’ in a Relationship?

As much as I detest Camille Grammer on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, hearing the story of how she knew her marriage to husband Kelsey was over really tore at me. Kelsey was based in New York to do La Cage aux Folles on Broadway, while Camille and the kids were back home in Malibu. When she came out to New York to attend the Tonys with her husband, Kelsey told Camille that he wanted to split up because he’d met someone new. However, he though that they should attend the awards together as a couple and she should stay at a hotel instead of his apartment. She went through with it.

No one – even if they’re as terrible as Camille – deserves that kind of treatment. But I have known other, normal couples who go through the motions a little bit longer even when they have acknowledged their relationship is over. It might have to do with keeping a united front for the kids or needing to be together for work reasons. There have long been rumors that Julia Roberts and Benjamin Bratt had actually split before her Oscar win, but that she asked him to stick around through the ceremony since she didn’t want to have to walk the red carpet alone.

Have you ever “kept up appearances” in a similar fashion? If so, what was the reasoning behind it?

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Some friends of mine got separated a year ago and just told everyone about it. For the past year, they had been pretending that everything was fine. I thought the whole situation was odd. But then when they went to explain it (on Facebook… ew), they told everyone that they waited to share the news because of my wedding. They didn’t want to “rain on our parade”.

      Except my wedding was a destination wedding for family only. They weren’t even invited to or involved in my wedding. But they had been to our house numerous times for barbeques and what not, and just not told us

      The whole thing was bizarre.