The 7 Worst Wedding Songs Ever

When I got married in June, my husband was in charge of one thing: our song. That was his project. It was one of the few things he seemed actually interested in, so I figured that I should let him make one of the decisions. I assured him that whatever he chose, I would be happy. And honestly, nothing could have ruined that day for me. Thankfully, he chose the perfect song and we lived happily ever after.

Had he chosen one of these classic wedding songs, we might have had an issue.

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    • marissa

      I’ve been contemplating what my wedding song should be for weeks. Someone I know chose “Naked as We Came,” by Iron & Wine. Ick. Pretty song, but it’s a little sexual, no?

      Doesn’t Ben Fold’s song just question if the concept of being meant to be would conquer age? But…I definitely see your point.

    • Jennifer Wright

      Wait – what song did he choose? TELL ME THE RIGHT SONG TO PICK!

      • Lindsay Cross

        I knew someone would ask, but I refuse to divulge. Its a song just for the 2 of us. You’ll pick the song that works for you.

        I will say that our song was immediately followed by the theme song of The Big Bang Theory by the Barenaked Ladies. Because my husband and I sing is incessantly.

    • davechen

      I was trying to convince my brother that Every Breath You Take was a creepy song and he’s like nah, it’s a love song. I don’t know what he was thinking. And he was the English major.

    • Sheena

      OK now make a post about the 7 BEST wedding songs ever. Thx :)

    • Sam

      No fiance or husband, but I’ve already chosen my wedding song, unless my husband-to-be and I have a very special song.

      “I’m Yours” by The Script

      “I may not have the softest touch/ I may not say the words as such/ And though I may not look like much/ I’m yours”

      • SERIOUSLY!!?

        WORST CHOICE EVER! I don’t even want to know what you look like after reading this. BTW no man would want to marry a girl who has this as her pick of a song! We want women who are attractive and are ours. We want other men to want our woman too. This is the worst pick of all time! Sorry but its true. Good luck with the marriage thing. Try working on understanding men first.

      • Lindsay Cross

        Now Sam, if you ever choose to marry a douchebag who only wants you because other people want you, that will be the WORST CHOICE EVER. You can tell this man because he’s the piece of shit who’s only ever worried about your appearance not your thoughts. And he uses obnoxious all caps to tell you that he’s yelling.

        On a side note, if I do make a best song list, your song will definitely deserve a place on it.

    • Fierce and Cute

      I adore “Temple of Love” by The Sisters of Mercy and found it perfect love/wedding song, but unfortunately my husband to be doesn’t love it as much as I do. we discuss Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” though.

    • Gabbi

      I wouldn’t think so much about wedding songs, when most brides will walk up to the altar to the tunes of Richard Wagners wedding march from Lohengrin. Elsa and Lohengrins marriage lasted how long again?

      • Eileen

        I love you for mentioning this.

    • Meghan

      My fiance is threatening to choose “All Right Now” by Free, because it was playing just as he proposed to me. I’m not really sure what to think about this anymore.

    • Liss

      The Luckiest is an amazingly beautiful song. You are an idiot.