Under Cover: What Do You Think of Kristen Stewart For American Vogue?

So above is our first look at Kristen’s Stewart’s upcoming American Vogue cover (thanks to TFS). She’s an interesting choice for a couple reasons:

1) In light of news of Rihanna’s upcoming Vogue cover, it would seem the magazine is skewing younger. If Chloe Moretz turns up soon, something’s definitely in the Diet Coke at Condé.

2) Kristen’s not exactly known for her fashion sense. If anything, she’s known for always appearing excruciatingly awkward in anything but Converse and jeans. I don’t think this is something we should hold against her, but I think it’s a solid reason not to drape her in Proenza Schouler on the cover of the US fashion bible.

3) What’s up with her pose?

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    • CurlySarah29

      I think she is awkward no matter what clothing she is wearing. In interviews I’ve seen, she acts like she’s never been asked a question in her life before. Or like she doesn’t realize that part of being a Hollywood actress requires you to answer questions about the movies you’ve been in… she makes me uncomfortable when I watch her interview.

    • sue lample

      Kristen stewart looks beautiful on the cover of Vogue. She’s only twenty maybe?
      She will continue to grow as an actress and as a woman. She will evolve and develop her own grace and style. She ‘ll become more relaxed with the press and interviews! She’s a hard working girl!!

    • carrie

      Looks great to me!

      I don’t think we can blame her for the pose here. She’s put in these poses by photographers, who then selected this out of hundreds of photos. It’s typical Kristen (semi-awkward), but certainly not candid.

    • jess

      she looks like someone just punched her in the arm and she is pissed about it. the look on her face says “oh no you didn’t…prepare to eat a knuckle sandwich.”

    • Bethany

      I really dislike the trend of putting actresses on the covers of fashion magazines; in my opinion the front of a fashion publication belongs to the models who are going to be showing off the clothes both in print and on the runway. Save the entertainers’ pictures for an article about or interview with them!

    • mel

      i like her pose her…. i guess she looks more mature and not as akward as usual..her make up is simple…which is good….because she often looks gothic and scary….

    • katie

      she is practicing the same pose as rayanne graff from my so called life