• Fri, Jan 14 2011

Random Photo: The Cutest Wedding Invitation Ever

A great relationship story plus good graphic design equals this wonderful wedding invitation.

[Via All That Inspires Me]

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  • Eileen

    OMG, I love it.

  • teenie


  • Lauren

    That’s awesome. I wish I got invites like this instead of the boring ones I always get… I have actually never gotten a wedding invitation that I liked. That might be because I’m a bitter harpy, but this just proved that theory wrong.

  • L

    Aw, that’s cute.

  • caroline

    who created this invitation?! it’s so clever! i want them for my anniversary invites :)

  • Eleanor

    It looks like the story that comes with a Belle and Sebastien album.

  • mel

    aww….love it! so cute :)