Red Carpet Rundown: The Best Dressed At The Golden Globes

Minimalism and bright pops of color with simple lines won big at the 68th annual Golden Globe Awards last night. Unfortunately, red carpet fashion is, for the most part, safe, formulaic and beyond boring, but here’s what we liked.

And if schadenfreude is more your scene, check out our picks for worst dressed here and just plain boring here.

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    • Jennifer Wright

      Okay, Ashley, Leighton looks like Miss Havisham. I love Miss Havisham, but you can’t say this is a good look. FOOT DOWN NOT GO LEIGHTON.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I want to be a chic zombie bride!!!!

    • Ouidad Blog

      I actually enjoyed most of the looks and hairstyles this year. Green is definitely popular and Catherine Zeta Jones knows her color! ;-)

      Katie for Ouidad

    • Renae

      I disagree with Claire Danes. She could have done much better. Scarlett’s dress would have looked so much better without the long sleeves. Emma Stone looks like an oompa loompa with all that orange. And they’re all so pretty, it’s a shame they wore what they did.

    • Alex

      I would switch this post with the Meh Golden Globes one. Most of the dresses in that one are beautiful…whereas these..meh

      • Ashley Cardiff

        I feel like 90% of red carpet fashion is meh, so we’re working on a sliding scale here!