Jayma Mays’ Make-Up Is Weird And Awful, Yes?

Yes! Here is why it’s awful – and absurdly awful, because she’s so adorable on Glee. Let’s count the ways:

1) Orange lipstick really doesn’t look that good on redheads

2) She looks washed out, probably because of her lipstick.

3) It looks like she just smudged Sharpie around her eyes

4) No, not in a glamorous way, in a “I slept in this eyeshadow” way.

Okay, add in your own. Or point out that she’s beautiful and I’m being way harsh here.

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    • porkchop

      holy **** I didn’t even recognize her! I loved her dress but you are 100% right about her makeup.

    • Mary

      Th e orange lipstick and dark eyes make her look like someones granny.

    • lo

      I wouldn’t hate the lipstick so much if her eyeshadow wasn’t so heinous. Seriously, it’s terrible.

    • Renae

      She is too made-up. She looks better with minimal make up like her character on Glee.

    • gleek

      jayma mays is pretty even if her makeup isnt that good her eyes are just so big in a good way and her hair is so pretty :)

    • beth

      jayma would look beautifull if some one had just smudged mud all over her face

    • Magz

      she looks pretty in anything. But I agree that orange lipstick isn’t really her color. I’ve heard rumours that she was anorexic… is it true?