Random Photo: Martin Luther King Day Surf Shop Fail

Thalia Surf Shop in Laguna Beach, CA, posted this advertisement online yesterday to promote their MLK Day sale. Um, if this is a joke, then it’s a really unfunny one.

[Via OC Weekly]

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    • Valerie

      Wooooooow. Perfect example of, just because you CAN photoshop something doesn’t mean you SHOULD. And just…no.

    • Eileen

      MLK’s head is way too big for that surfer’s body. It looks like Baroque art, only not in an artistic way. I’m not even going to comment on the taste(lessness) of the sale…oops, just did.

    • Buena Park WetBack…..

      Great post i wonder if sales jumped, hmmm?…. Also, how many Black Surfers are there in HB? What is their target market ???? LOL! Peace, or shld i say outty 5,000 G!!!!