Lust Object (?): This $3,749 Watch

We just received a note about this watch which reads:

It’s elegant, refined and sparkles with 108 brilliant-cut pave diamonds. It’s the stunning Hermès Diamond Kelly watch and will be available to purchase in a special “editor’s pick” luxury online private sale starting at 8 am PST this Friday, January 21 on Billion Dollar Babes.

Retailing for $6,450, this classic Hermès lock watch will be available for just $3,749 on Billion Dollar Babes. 52 diamonds grace each side of this gorgeous stainless steel watch. Totaling nearly half a carat, the diamonds are distinguished by ratings of VVS clarity and rare white colors F and G. The mother-of-pearl face, which has four diamonds on it, is set off beautifully by the black alligator wristband. Presented in a signature Hermès box, the watch comes with instructions, International Guarantee and Certificate of Authenticity.

Just $3,749! What a pittance! I think this is a good idea, but that might just be because I’ve spent the morning hoovering cocaine mixed with diamond dust and defenestrating peasants (interns). So I’m in a great mood.

But, you know, for non-evil oligarchs, does this watch really look like it’s worth $3,749? Some people – poor people - might wonder if the elegance, refinement and overall sparkliness will outweigh the fact that the face is going to keep bumping around awkwardly on your wrist.

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    • porkchop

      there’s no point in lusting after a watch, except if it’s a Breguet Marine. (You can find one for as little as $12,000 on ebay)

      • Megan

        I’d add (though significantly less cash required) the Omega Constellation series to that. Now those are classic, distinctive, and utterly drool-worthy…and you can still pick some of them up for less than Hermes’ newest creation.

        I always wondered–if you’re going to spend that amount of money on a watch, wouldn’t you want it to be from somewhere known for making watches, not purses?

    • L

      So, this would be great if it weren’t fugly.

    • Eileen

      I’d rather have a Tank, honestly.

      Although I’m perfectly happy with my Coach watch: pretty, doesn’t bump into things, and cost about a tenth of the SALE price of this one.