Poll: Will You Wear White to Your Wedding?

All right, time for a little honesty up in this piece: you’re not all virgins, are you?

I didn’t think so, you unrepentant whores. So that begs the question: will you wear white if and when you get married or otherwise formally committed to a loving partner, or will you tell the truth with something more appropriate, like red, or black?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • Eileen

      Wearing a white wedding dress never really had anything to do with virginity. Women used to wear their best dress, or a new dress if they had money. When Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha in 1840, she chose a white dress. She was also the pretty young queen of the most powerful country in the world. The trend took.

      So no, I’m not a virgin, but yes, I’ll wear a white dress because I love white clothes.

    • Elle

      Thank you, Eileen, for knowing the origins of the white dress and that it has nothing to do with virginity!

    • Corissia

      Where’s the maybe option? I haven’t decided yet.

    • L

      This is so frivolous. I’m going to my wedding naked.

    • kris

      Eileen is my hero.

    • teenie

      i was etsy-browsing (otherwise known as “etsy-drooling”) when I ran across this little number, and i said to myself “if I ever decide I want to walk down the aisle, this is the sort of thing I’d like to wear…
      why be boring?

    • marissa

      i like white clothes, too, so I am wearing white. BUT, a friend of mine wore a multi-colored dress, and it almost made me change my mind. Aside from the fact that she looked gorgeous, it seemed to represent their entire relationship, which is fun and full of life.

    • katie

      I wore a orange and blue dress just because thats what made me feel good i never saw a white dress I liked

    • Eve

      I was going to say that it doesn’t really mean you’re a virgin, but Eileen said it first. I had been considering a non-white dress, but the place we’re getting married had all these discontinued wedding gowns and there was one in my size that I really liked.

    • Lexie

      I don’t plan on wearing white. I look horrible in white. Like a Dracula victim. Screw tradition – I just want to look alive on my wedding day.