Should We Wear This Sweatshirt To Fashion Week?

It’s a giant sweatshirt with Karl Lagerfeld’s face on it. Would it be appropriate to wear this to actual fashion shows? What if we brought all Karl clothing? We’d be the coolest, yes? Let’s talk about how cool this would be. Or, possibly, we would look like dorks. We’re kind of divided. What do you think?

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    • L

      You should do it for the sake of ironic social commentary about idolatry.

      (Yeah, I don’t know what I said. Does that make any sense? Well, it doesn’t matter if it does or not because I have Karl Lagerfeld on my tits.)

    • Jennifer Wright


    • mmmhmmm

      No! Dont wear that unless you seriously dress it up with an amazing jacket and/or skirt, shoes, boots, jewelry, etc. Basically cover it up or else it could be super contraversal or super cool but you have no way of knowing. I say be safe…i mean not safe but not that.