Do You Wear Make-Up Every Day?

If so, why?

Don’t worry, painted lady - if you do you’re not alone. According to The Daily Mail, a third of women wouldn’t leave the house without make-up. One in ten said they’d never even allow their partners to see them without a full face of make-up on.

 All this reminds me of those outdated advice books from the 1950′s that suggest you store make-up under your bed so you can do quick touch-ups without your partner ever noticing while he’s still asleep. That makes me chuckle! It makes me chuckle until I realize that a romantic partner has probably never seen me without make-up. Ever. I’m meticulous about that shit.

Because I’m a reptilian gill monster.

(That’s me in the picture. See how the mascara really puts the focus on my eyes? I’m drawing away from my “trouble spots”.)

But why do normal people do it? Well, according to Sara Wolverson, of Superdrug, which carried out the study “For many women, putting their make-up on is an important part of their day, and the thought of people seeing them without can be horrifying.”

Which doesn’t really explain why. Though I guess the answer to that is “looking prettier means that people will treat you better.” But that just seems like a harsh fact to write.

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    • Eileen

      Nope. I wear a little most days – concealer, a smudge of eyeliner, and lip balm – but almost everyone I know has seen me without it, and that’s including bosses and professors. I’m just too lazy to do a lot every day, especially since it’s going to need to be retouched.

    • CurlySarah29

      Unless I have a meeting, or I’m going out (on a date or with the girls), I never wear makeup. I don’t want to wake up early to put it on, and I’m not hideous without it, luckily, so I just don’t take the time. I enjoy putting on makeup when I do go out, but again, I give myself more time.

    • Lindsay Cross

      I put on mascara almost every day, because my eyelashes are blonde and you can’t tell I have any without it. Other than that, only for big meetings or special occasions.

    • Tobi

      I wear makeup every day that I go out. It usually includes tinted moisturizer, cream blush and eyeshadow, and also mascara. I do it because I enjoy it. I don’t see it any differently as styling my hair or getting dressed. It’s just a part of my routine.

    • Ellen W.

      I actually would like to wear more makeup and more often. I’ve discovered how much better I look with a tinted moisturizer and I need to start wearing better sunscreen because my workout is to walk for at least a half-hour every day. But my skin is so reactive that I can’t wear anything for more than a few days in a row. It’s not the ingredients per se, so much as it is a reaction to just having a bunch of stuff on my face.

      Also- I once had a friend describe a woman she met through work who always dressed in sloppy sweats and ratty T-shirts to me. She summed up by saying “It’s like she doesn’t even respect herself as a woman! She wasn’t even wearing mascara!” And that helps me remember to wear lipstick or gloss every day.

    • Danielle

      I only wear makeup if I’m going to an event where I know I’ll be photographed. Other than that I never wear makeup. I do take care to make sure my face is clean and well moisturized though.

    • Megan

      I’m perfectly comfortable without it…I have good skin, nice eyes, and lips that need nothing but Lip Smackers.

      All that being said, I think makeup is an art. It’s one of the few artsy things I’m good at (Play-Doh is another. I rock Play-Doh.), so I enjoy experimenting with different colors, textures, and products. So it’s not the end of the world if I go to the mall without anything on my face, but I do feel a little less creative if I don’t make time to play with eyeliner.

    • Victoria

      I do use some kind of foundation every single day, but only because my skin can get red and splotchy sometimes. I admit that I’d feel weird if I weren’t wearing at least that much out of the house. Other than that, I’m pretty laid back with the makeup.

    • matbo

      Never make-up, always skin care and sun protection. I’m very blonde, blond hair, eyelashes, eyebrows and strangely dark brown eyes. Some people thinks it’s hippie and pretty, other people think I look sick.

    • Sunshine

      I have worn makeup every day since I was 14, the whole works. Now I’m 23 and recently I have stopped and it feels amazing! I still wear mascara, it’s a neccessity cause I have blonde eyelashes and I look like I have no eyes without it. It’s so nice to not have to bother about doing my face in the morning, or worrying about touching it up through the day! Try it!

    • Anon

      With red blotchy skin, acne scars, dark bags under eyes, and facial hair that grows back far too quickly after waxing, a full face of makeup is the only thing that gives me enough confidence to leave the house.

    • L

      I never wear makeup and I will always refuse to do so because my skin looks fine and really, no amount of makeup will make me not have a bump on my nose.

    • Odbery

      I do really like make up, and occasionally I’ll go out in looks not “daytime appropriate” like bright blue eyeshadow, or neon pink lips. There will be days too where I just feel like looking a little prettier so I’ll do the natural make up thing, and honestly sales people treat you better if you look cleaned up and therefore like you have money to spend. But I have no qualms about leaving the house bare-faced. Everyone I know, socially, professionally, romantically, has seen me “au natural” several times. I do my make up for myself, and if I feel too lazy that morning, fuck it.

    • Colleen

      I’m too lazy to do make-up more often than when I’m going on a date or something. I also suck at applying it, so it ALWAYS ends up looking too heavy…so I avoid doing it too often!

      I bring the casual to business casual, so I’m not a good example to working professionals, in any case. (I wear jeans every day–and I’m the office manager. LOL)

    • Lisa H

      I have an odd relationship with make up. Day to day I wear none, not a speck. For dates or nights out I usually have a minimal amount (powder, a little concealer under the eyes,eyeshadow, mascarra, gloss) but I am also part of the goth scene so when I’m in a darkrave or goth club obviously the make up is HUGE!

    • susie

      In high school I would have rather died that left my bedroom without makeup. If I couldn’t find my makeup or ran out of a product I would have a complete melt down. For the last few years I’ve only been wearing makeup about 3 times a week or so. It was a gradual transition; I started with less and eventually got comfortable with none. It isn’t that I think I’m good looking enough to go out without makeup; it’s that I’ve decided that looks aren’t that important. My new attitude has freed me. Now makeup is fun instead of a necessary evil.