Ginger Love: The Hottest Redheads in History

Red hair may be one of the hardest hues to pull off, but when someone gets red right there’s nothing better. This collection of our favorite redheads in history includes some who aren’t natural redheads (although redheadedness is in your soul) and some who aren’t even real people.

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    • teenie

      here’s a question: my hair used to be pretty noticeably red-ish – like a nice auburn – but as I’ve gotten older, the color has dulled. I always prided myself on having naturally red hair… am I a big poseur if I dye it now??? UGH!!! worst part of becoming 30 so far.

      • Amber Dawn

        Haha Teenie, I have the same trouble. I was super redheaded as a kid and now it’s a slightly reddish auburn. I don’t always dye mine, but I do from time to time when I think I need to ginger up a bit. (Especially fond of Lush’s Caca Rouge – if you leave it on quite a while and keep it hot, it looks GREAT when you’re done. But something from the drugstore does in a pinch.) And I would say go for it.

    • Hall

      My parents are redheads & I came out blonde. I’ve been dying it shades of red since I was 14 & it looks much better than my natural color. You’re right, it’s in your soul.

    • Sivan

      SUCH a good selection! Love them ALL! Would also add Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley to the list.

      • Sivan

        Um, yeah, just saw that’s a moot point. Which means you are ON POINT Ms. Marcus!!!

    • katie

      Okay i must point out a wonderful red head who is just starting out Emma Stone
      I love her with Red hair

    • Megan

      Neko Case! NEKO CASE.

    • Allison

      Thanks for this slideshow! I’m a proud redhead (strawberry blonde), and I don’t think redheads are featured in the media enough. I mean, I know we’re a dying race and all, but come on! It can’t get any better than us!

    • Liz

      wowow.. as a redhead how could you forget my personal idol Maureen OHara?????? How is that possible?

    • amanda

      where is ann margret?! bye bye birdie?! viva las vegas?!
      shes the original sex kitten!!

    • Ernesto

      I was always partial to Tori Amos myself…

    • Pantstron

      Kate Pierson!

    • Lisa

      What about Pippi Longstocking??
      And Mallory Pike ROCKS!

    • Bunny Rose