Kristen Stewart Wears The Same Look of Blank Concern In Every Outtake From Her Vogue Shoot

Kristen Stewart’s kind of awk Vogue cover leaked last week, but wait! There’s more! Again, I think Kristen gets picked on way more than she deserves, and I find her complete lack of fluency in Hollywood talking points a little tiny bit charming. That said, she might consider getting a new facial expression. Here are the outtakes from her shoot with Proenza Schouler’s very cute Jack McCollough and equally cute Lazaro Hernandez, lensed by Mario Testino.

(via Fashionista)

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    • Eileen

      I actually like the one of her in the red dress with the men. The blank stare is slightly less, and she looks pretty.

    • sue lample

      she looks very beautiful! give this young woman a break!

    • Sarah

      I really wish she would go away already. Or, at the very least, she would stop getting covers.

    • VeronicaF

      I seriously cant understand how she gets all this acclaim… she is and ACT-ress that has no idea how to use her face to express any other emotion than blank confusion…

      Look she is beautiful… but she looks like she is constantly in pain..and the fact that she has to wear amazing pieces of design…. oooh that is such a darn shlep….
      Sarah, I am with you… there are far more interesting girls out there..who love dressing up and inspire others to glam it up to… seriously give someone who actually likes it the cover…