Gallery: Hairstyles of The Decades

Have you heard that Jennifer Aniston hated her famous ‘Friends’ haircut? That seems silly, because Jennifer Aniston looked great in that hairstyle. Admittedly, she was the only person alive who did look great in it, but it was the hairstyle that defined the 90′s. Here are some haircuts that defined other decades:

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    • macalny

      Why is anyone shocked Jennifer Aniston hated this hairstyle? Or, perhaps a better question is why did anyone like it? It’s one of the worst, least flattering hairstyles ever created. Thank god this atrocious creation went the way of the Dodo!

    • Eileen

      I think it looked nice on her – more specifically, I think she looked prettiest during the seasons she wore it (that was before she lost so much weight and started dyeing her hair blonde) and that probably helped a lot.

    • Mary

      I think you mean WWI for the bob.

    • Jenny

      I believe you have left out a hairstyle. The Kate Gosselin. Just like the “Rachel” wannabes tried to copy Kate Gosselin’s hideous reverse mullet (long in front, short in back) with even worse results.

    • Black kid

      Erm this section only appeals to muthafuckin WHITE women! WTF