Gallery: The Most Terrifying Hello Kitty Gear in the World

Fanatics exist. And yet somehow, the things that develop these cult-like followings never cease to amaze. Like this one: Hello Kitty. Innocuous, right? Cute, even? WRONG. Welcome to Hello Kitty Hell, where all your worst nightmares become reality.

[via Hello Kitty Hell]

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    • Erin

      Apparently there is nothing that Hello Kitty hasn’t touched. Also, random paraphernalia stuck to nails is f*cking gross.

    • Megan

      Oh, no no.

      You’ve got it wrong. I’m so sad I know this. I’m even more sad that I was the recipient of the gifts that allow me to gently correct you.

      The HK vibrator is definitely marketed as a vibrator. I know because a scary former coworker who had a crush on me (and also, coincidentally, liked to bring people back gifts from his native Japan) once GAVE ME ONE. A black, Goth, HK vibrator.

      And I know it’s marketed as a vibrator because other questionable friends gave me what’s marketed as the back massager.

      I wish I could post pictures.

    • M