Gallery: 10 Straight Male Fashion Designers

People sometimes joke about how everyone in fashion–who doesn’t have girl parts–is gay… which is a pretty lame thing to say about an industry that produces a lot of brilliant work by a lot of talented people, some of whom happen to be gay (and annoyed by this tired old stereotype’s persistence). But hey, funny story, some of those dudes designing beautiful clothes for women happen to be straight, too! Here’s ten of ‘em and so much for boring generalizations!

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    • Eileen

      Paul Smith’s wife’s name is Pauline? I kind of love that.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Oh my god yes.

    • Kelly

      Where’s Max Azria and his lovely wife Lubov??

    • Bert De Wulf

      Ok and now show us the real famous and great fashion designers…I am talking about the ones who are gay!

      • Valentine Joseph

        Hmmm, ALLL of them are popular

      • straightfashion

        Don’t be mad faggot

    • swag

      There are plenty of them, but you need to wait :) Stupid people thinks that all of fashion designers must be gay .. ‘murica

      • goldushapple


        Well that’s just stupid.