‘Travel And Leisure’ Names Charleston America’s #2 Most Stylish City

Magazine-I-have-never-read Travel and Leisure named the 35 most stylish American cities. New York is sitting peacefully at the top, with Anchorage holding up the bottom.

Surprisingly, Charleston is #2. To discuss this (seemingly) completely random and arbitrary decision, I went to TheGloss’ own beauty expert Jennifer Wright, who has no real affiliation with the city of Charleston other than having visited a few times and who I’m pretty sure has been drunk for two hours.

Bark At The Moon: As you may know, Travel and Leisure named Charleston the second most stylish city in the country. Why did they do this?
AM Cocktails: Bribery!
Bark At The Moon: That’s a potential how, not so much a why.
AM Cocktails: Bribery because Charleston wants to be famous. Famous for something other than delicious BBQ.
AM Cocktails: Which is dumb.
Bark At The Moon: Why does Charleston want to be famous? I thought they had a cool under-the-radar thing going for them anyway.
AM Cocktails: You know what is delicious? Peanut butter pie with a chocolate oreo crust which they have all the time in Charleston.
AM Cocktails: Wait. You thought Charleston was cool?
Bark At The Moon: Maybe I’m thinking of another city. Am I?
AM Cocktails: I think of Charleston as being a place where there are a lot of antique shops. It feels sort of like you’re in a very genteel lady’s sitting room, all the time. Wandering through different sitting rooms, the whole city.
AM Cocktails: Doilies.
AM Cocktails: People saying “here, chil’, have some ice tea, sugar blossom.”
AM Cocktails: If people said that in New York – say, on the subway – there’d be a fight over who got to keep their head as a trophy
Bark At The Moon: Oh come on. New York is really friendly. Especially to eccentrics.
Bark At The Moon: Stop lying.
AM Cocktails: I was lying. But you don’t want more people moving here.
AM Cocktails: Especially people who are always trying to give you iced tea on the subway.
Bark At The Moon: I like the free tea people.
Bark At The Moon: They can stay.
AM Cocktails: Okay.
Bark At The Moon: So, Charleston is pretty stylish and there aren’t enough people handing out free tea on the lawless subways of New York City.
Bark At The Moon: Got anything else?
Bark At The Moon: Liar?
AM Cocktails: Well, the only designer store I’ve ever seen in Charleston is Cynthia Rowley. Every time I go visit my family there, my mom says “want to go shopping?” and I say “yes.”
AM Cocktails: Then we go to Cynthia Rowley
AM Cocktails: It’s over in 20 minutes. And then we just sit drinking iced tea FOR HOURS.
Bark At The Moon: That sounds really stressful.
AM Cocktails: Sometimes we just stare at the bag where I’ve bought, I don’t know, sequined dress shorts, and with our eyes we say “I wish there were more stores here.”
AM Cocktails: But we don’t say it aloud. We just drink the free tea and accept the world.
AM Cocktails: However, when I have gotten something from other stores there – K. Morgan! I have a great sweater from K. Morgan! – they sent a thank you note.
Bark At The Moon: That’s pretty civil.
AM Cocktails: When was the last time you got a thank you note FOR ANYTHING?
Bark At The Moon: I was raised by wolves, so that’s a pretty insensitive question.
AM Cocktails: Where did the wolf people rank on the survey? Like, 10th?
Bark At The Moon: This conversation is over.
Bark At The Moon: I haven’t learned anything.
AM Cocktails: You got to bring up your heritage, though.
AM Cocktails: That’s nice.
AM Cocktails: I’ll send a thank you note to your wolf parents, but they won’t be able to read it.
Bark At The Moon: We’re not friends anymore.
Bark At The Moon: Also
Bark At The Moon: You dress like you’re from Anchorage.
AM Cocktails: Why do you spend all day making me cry?
Bark At The Moon: Why do you make me ashamed of who i am?
AM Cocktails: I hope people spill iced tea all over you.
Bark At The Moon: I hope you sober up and realize I have a beating human heart. With feelings.
AM Cocktails: I’m just going to sit here making little howling noises so you feel at home.
AM Cocktails: And honestly Ashley. It’s 1:00 in the afternoon. Who is sober at 1:00 in the afternoon?
AM Cocktails: No one.
AM Cocktails: Maybe prohibition agents. I don’t know.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      I adore you both. And I very much wish I was at TheGloss office right now. And drunk. I would definitely be drunk.

    • Malkovich

      You drunken hussy! What about the awesome (and reasfonably priced) restaurants where the servers bring extra biscuits? What about the mule drawn carriages where the tour guides wear Confederate uniforms? What about how everyone says “thank you” very civilly?

    • Chris

      LOL….this is too funny! But sounds like a lot of fun.