Trees Don’t Want To Wear Sweaters. They Want Swimsuits.

A tree gets chilly in Brooklyn! So some hipsters put sweaters on them. Of course they did. I don’t find the South Slope tree’s little knitted sweaters offensive – because noting that maybe it would be better to knit sweaters for the homeless seems as obvious as a hipster sticking a tree in a bright orange knit – but, I’m not really sold on it. I feel like there are probably better ways to accessorize trees. I mean, if you want to accessorize trees at all. But what? What? Some ideas:

Swimsuits. It’s a commentary on the bizarre expectations people have for the female form.

Hemp bracelets. Trees are hippies.

Black dresses. Everything likes black dresses.

Florals. They inspired that trend.

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    • Cheryl

      I’m a little surprised you haven’t heard of this. What they’re doing is called “yarnbombing” -it’s like tagging for fiber artists. is a great site for information on this. It’s really cool, actually, that knitters and crocheters are turning what has been traditionally viewed as a domestic activity and revamping the public view -knitting is an art form. It should be seen that way. Although, I agree that they could be a little more creative. Like The Ladies Fancywork Society here in Denver. A year or two back they crocheted legwarmers for a large sculpture (two dancers) just outside of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Google it, it’s brilliant.

    • Allison

      Jennifer, I would LOVE to see a follow up in which you have put bikinis on trees in neighborhoods and photographed them. Please? for us?

    • Eileen

      “Florals. They inspired that trend.”

      I actually laughed out loud at that one, thanks.