The eBabes: 8 Vintage Valentine’s Day Cards That Make Us Feel Weird

Valentine’s Day is coming up, which means Hallmarks the world over are laughing maniacally while stocking their shelves with millions of cheesy greeting cards. Rather than perpetuate the commercialization of good old V-day, we’d recommend going vintage with your card selection. But don’t just order any dusty, faded card from eBay and hope it will score you some cred with your vintage-loving lady — we found quite a few cards that send some mixed signals. Here’s the eight that gave us the heebiest jeebies.

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    • Marvy

      Um, the last card is racist. Maybe you could have refrained from putting it on the slide show…

      • Jennifer Wright

        No one at TheGloss sees color.

    • Allison

      Marvy, the point of the slideshow was to show cards that would make the recipient feel uncomfortable. It’s a joke, lighten up.

    • rt

      i agree the last card is really racist, and it’s not about seeing color its the message itself

    • Eileen

      Yes, the last card is racist. I’m fairly certain that Jennifer was being flippant in her “seeing color” response because the racism is obvious. I assumed that’s why the card made “the eBabes” feel weird, since the caption isn’t so creepy in itself.

      • Jennifer Wright

        I am pointing out that we are all seeing impaired, Eileen. Why are you so goddamn insensitive?

      • Eileen

        Because I hate people, duh…

    • Jenna Watson

      Well of course the last one is supposed to make one feel uncomfortable. Marvy fails.

    • Marvy

      Jenna and Allison,

      Duh – yeah I got that. It’s more that being black, I don’t really get a kick out blackface. And thanks for the suggestion that I lighten up Allison. I’ll get right on that.

    • Nora

      i don’t see these cards as creepy OR funny, but I think that’s because i am much older than you. When i was a kid, we had stuff like this. To me, they’re sweet, simple, naive and – nostalgic !