• Mon, Jan 24 2011

This Justin Bieber Cover Creeps Me Out

This cover for Love magazine creeps me out.

It’s one thing for tweens to fawn over Justin Bieber. He’s 16. That’s appropriate. And this month’s Vanity Fair cover called Bieber “adorable” — which, in the eyes of grown-ups, is exactly what he should be.

But for an adult magazine to put him on the cover with the caption “The Beautiful One” — all dewy and close-up — well, it’s fucking creepy.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that this has such a skin-crawling undertone, since it was shot by Terry Richardson. And everything he touches, apparently, turns to skeeve.

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  • Miss Mel

    He really should do something about his eyebrows.

  • macalny

    Two things: (a) EVERYTHING about that kid/robot freaks me out and (b) he’s 16??? I thought he was about 13. Wow. Time to move on from the hair and image, kiddo.

  • L

    That vacant stare doesn’t entrance you?

  • shalala

    did anyone else notice it says “the androgyny issue” under the magazine title? because that’s the first thing i noticed.

  • htar ei shwe

    I love jb

  • aye myat myat thu

    Jb is crazy. He looks cow.I hate h I’m.

  • Kyaw Min khaung

    I Love U>>>>>>>>>>>>>