• Mon, Jan 24 2011

Random Photo: Wet Seal T-Shirt Fail

When proclaiming your relationship status on your clothing, at least pay attention to proper word usage, okay?

[Via The Daily What]

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  • Ashley Cardiff


  • Lindsay Cross

    I have a feeling that if Lilit looks at this picture too long, one of her eyes starts twitching.

    • Lilit Marcus

      100 percent correct. I’m bleaching my eyeballs as we speak.

  • Lucia Peters

    I’m honestly not sure which is worse: the grammar issue or the tackiness of the shirt itself…

  • Sunshine

    I want to hit it with a big stick.

  • Jenna

    I emailed wetseal.

  • Rebekah Mae

    It amazes me that 1)people don’t know the difference between ‘Your’ and ‘You’re” and 2) someone would actually wear this shirt. Whether the grammar was correct or not.

  • Trixie

    I can’t believe you’re going to put this shirt in your stores with incorrect spelling! It’s supposed to be “You’re”, not “Your.” How did this even make it past quality control? Please fix this immediately!!! It makes your company look ignorant for using incorrect spelling!