Runway Gallery: Spring 2011 Couture Kicks Off With Christian Dior!

It’s day one of the Spring 2011 couture shows and John Galliano mined the house of Dior’s history for ladylike shapes inspired by the illustrations of legendary artist-in-residence René Gruau. The clothes (the gorgeous, gorgeous clothes) were meant to be like “an unfinished symphony,” WWD reports, with vivid reds fading to inky blacks and blush to pale blue, for a remarkable dégradé effect. The shapes were elegant, the colors rich, with all the opulent details we’d expect from Dior, and especially Mr. Galliano. Head over to for the rest of the fantastic collection.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Julia Saner’s dress, the 6th picture, I would commit some seriously heinous crimes to be the owner of that dress.

      • porkchop

        Me too! And then once I was wearing it, I would start to believe I was incapable of moral error, so I wouldn’t even feel bad about it.