You Probably Shouldn’t Snort Your Bath Salts

ABC wants to know if you or anyone you know is addicted to bath salts. No. Really. It’s a real thing.

When Neil Brown got high on dangerous chemicals sold as bath salts, he took his skinning knife and slit his face and stomach repeatedly. Brown survived, but authorities say others haven’t been so lucky after snorting, injecting or smoking powders with such innocuous-sounding names as Ivory Wave, Red Dove and Vanilla Sky…

In Brown’s case, he said he had tried every drug from heroin to crack and was so shaken by terrifying hallucinations that he wrote one Mississippi paper urging people to stay away from the advertised bath salts.

“I couldn’t tell you why I did it,” Brown said, pointing to his scars. “The psychological effects are still there.”

I think the most interesting part of this article is the idea of someone who owns a skinning knife strolling into a Bath and Body Works saying “fetch me a Vanilla Sky!” I think this is viral marketing from Lush, and I think it’s brilliant. Sorry. I guess that was insensitive. Kids, just say no to bath products.

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    • Ashley Cardiff

      We’re gonna do this and we’re gonna live blog it.

    • MNiM

      Wow. It would just never have occurred to me that you could snort bath salts. Or that anyone would want to.

      Maybe it’s like rule 34? If it exists, someone will snort it?

    • Shae

      ……why would someone do something like that? I mean, just think of how horrible it would taste.

    • Anon

      Actually, the ‘legal drugs’ sold in head shops are just falsely marketed as ‘bath salts’. They’re not actually, y’know…bubble bath, or something.

    • C4MB0

      I’ll let ya know.

    • Sarah

      Please people dont do this stuff, I am addicted to it and I want tou stop but when I withdraw, I get very suicidal. Thoughts of cuting my throught or wrist. I started tou bath salt tou have energy and help me lose waight. I have never done a drug intill this besides smoked pot when I was a kid. I am 26 yrs old and never did a hard drug in my life and I am sniffing this shit up my nose to keep me alive.if I dont sniff it I might really hurt myself. This is some scary stuff! I told my husband today that im going to go to a rehab so they can watch me or hes going to have to be there with me while I detox so hey can watch me. I just cant believe I have done this, I feel like I have ruined my soul and I will never be the same