Do You Like This Retro Snap Better In Color?

Did you feel that the iconic ‘V-J Day in Times Square ‘ photo just needed to pop a little bit more? It does now that reddit user Mygrapefruit  added color. We think it looks great – though we’re not sure if this is like adding some  rosy tones to Picasso’s blue period works. What do you think? – Buzzfeed

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    • audrey

      i like the black & white better. this isn’t bad, just not the same. the b&w makes it iconic– like a symbol of the times or something.

      • Camila

        i completly agree

    • Lindsay Cross

      Agree with Audrey. I definitely like the black and white better.

    • Shae

      I mean, it’s excellent technically speaking – the addition of color looks really nice. But it makes it less interesting. Also, I’ve just noticed for the first time how awkward her head looks all locked under his arm.