Look of the Day: Mandy Moore At The UK ‘Tangled’ Premiere

Mandy Moore showed up to the UK premiere of Disney’s Tangled in this sweetheart-necklined Paule Ka cocktail dress and we’re thinking she looks pretty adorable. She kept the accessories simple with red pumps and layers of pearls, then topped it off with a pretty updo.

The general consensus over here is that she looks great, though maybe the outfit is a little too cute for its own good. What do you say?

(Photo via Racked)

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    • katrina

      No definatly not to cute its just right because she is going to a premiere of a childrens movie no need to sex it up little girls can still look up to her and hope to be like her she is one of the few no scandal girls of that generation

    • Lindsey

      She looks a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In a good way,

      But the make-up is too dark.

    • Shae

      She really looks quite adorable. I love the pop of color that is the red shoes, though my only complaint is that they’re so shiny that they look a little bit like those dye-to-match bridesmaid shoes.

    • UncleL

      she looks stupid

    • Laura

      She looks adorable! This is very appropriate for the screening of a children’s movie. If I had the opportunity to have fun like this I’d take it.

    • Catherine

      Completely precious, and a great choice for a children’s movie premiere. Too cutesy for the Oscars or something adult and formal, but perfect for a kid-friendly theme. Mandy is adorable anyway!