Would You Wear a Mismatched Bikini?

Yesterday, Nylon ran this photo of Jessica Biel in Hawaii sporting a mismatched bikini. While Biel certainly isn’t the first person ever to do this, it’s still fairly unusual to see people in mismatched tops and bottoms on the beach. Is this look something you would try, or is buying two bikinis just for mixing and matching not your style?

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    • Eileen

      I’d wear a mismatched bikini, but not this one – I’d want pieces that harmonized a bit more (I may or may not own a blue bikini top with stars and a red-and-white striped bikini bottom).

      Then again, if I had Jessica Biel’s body, I’d wear whatever the fuck I wanted on the beach.

    • Odbery

      Not sure if this counts, but I wear contrasting stripe colours or black bottoms with a colourful, patterned top all the time. In terms of Jessica’s, well, I’m always wary of white bathing suits… lol

    • L

      I refuse to even wear bikinis.

    • Amy

      I feel like surfer girls carry off the mismatched bikini really well. Also, I agree with Eileen that having Jessica’s body would free me up to wear just about anything. As far as this particular ensemble, I’m not crazy about it. The white is kind of meh.