Would You Pick Out a Wedding Dress Without Being Engaged?

Jennifer Love Hewitt recently gave an interview where she said that she already has an engagement ring – or three – picked out, despite not currently being in a serious relationship. And she’s not the only one who plans ahead. There have been episodes of Say Yes to the Dress where women who aren’t engaged buy wedding dresses. Considering that Hewitt has already had one broken engagement, I’d expect her to be slightly more cautious about planning hypothetical weddings. But I’m just a really superstitious person, so maybe I’m projecting my own insecurities onto others.

Have you ever picked out or purchased something for a wedding before being engaged? If not, would you?

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    • Lindsay Cross

      Absolutely not. In fact, I didn’t even pick up my engagement ring, my husband did. There were no clues, so online browsing, no giving him a couple options. The most important part of my engagement ring is that it’s exactly what my husband wanted to give me. And it’s perfect. Also, he never saw his wedding ring until our wedding ceremony. I got to get it all on my own.

    • arhakim

      …the f?


      What if you NEVER get married? I think some women go overboard with picking out things before they’re even engaged (or perhaps, even in a relationship).

    • L

      Okay, 1. don’t want to and never will get married, 2. I haven’t bought it, 3. but yes, I do know what I would want for such an event. It’s a Nordstrom dress and it’s less than $430. I like it because it has a very, very small train and no floof. The floof and the $20,000 dresses are silly.
      Now stop making fun of me.

    • steph

      Nope. I’m engaged and haven’t looked for a dress yet. The only thing I did before we got engaged was browse through Cosmo Bride to see if it was anything like normal Cosmo (sad? maybe, but I don’t care). He picked out my ring with nothing to go off of as well.

    • Meghan

      I think that’s creepy. That said, if I had started planning my wedding two years before I got engaged, it would be a lot easier to manage now that I’m I am.

    • Missy

      I spied an engagement ring I liked as a teenager and I still love it, does that count?

    • Camila

      i’m 18 and i don’t plan on getting married for at least another 10 years but i’ve always known i want a big saphire and a golden band (even before kate, thank you very much), so yes, i do have a engagment ring picked out, and we don’t even do that in my country

    • Rachel

      Um, well, my boyfriend and I aren’t engaged (yet)– it’s a financial thing involving the ring.. We know we want to get married in December, and I have a lot of stuff picked out.. He won’t propose until he has a ring, but he’s asked my dad’s permission–but we’re having to wait on his tax return (c’mon, IRS!!). We live together, and have been talking about getting married for awhile.. I have my dress, bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers, date, etc picked out, so hopefully when we do officially change our relationship status, it won’t be a mad dash to get ready by December :)

    • Lindsey


      In this article an interesting point is brought up. Weddings cost a lot of money, and people save for cars/school/houses, but not weddings?

      I think I would lay away money for a wedding. And, if it gets too depressing looking at the money saved with no SO I could use it towards another big purchase.