Point/Counterpoint: Kate Middleton Quits Her Job

So, Kate Middleton left her job. She works for her family’s party planning company and quit shortly after becoming engaged. How do we feel about this? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Let’s find out!

Rational Jen: So. Quitting your job to get married. That seems a little 1965, no?

Asshole Jen: Oh. 1965? Yeah, I think she should quit her job to become an astronaut.

Rational Jen: That wasn’t where I was going with that.

Asshole Jen: Because astronaut food sucks?

Rational Jen: No, but that’s true. Because it’s sending an outdated message to the young women of Britain. It’s not really appropriate – in this day and age – to say “hey, I’m quitting my job to plan my wedding!”

Asshole Jen: Are most women marrying the future King of England?

Rational Jen: Well, no.

Asshole Jen: Damn right they’re not, Boring Jen. That would be a harem. We don’t live in Brunei.

Rational Jen: I’m not following you.

Asshole Jen: That’s because I got off on a tangent. But, Jesus, do you like seeing political figures get shot? Even I’m not that much of an asshole.

Rational: No.

Asshole Jen: Right. Okay, so lets say she stays on as a project manager for her family’s company. She works as a party planner. Someone calls up and says they need her to come over, to, I don’t know, plan a party, they turn out to be a lunatic, they shoot her. Now the monarchy is thrown into disarray. You think they need that? After Princess Diana?

Rational Jen: That was… a while ago.

Asshole Jen: Feels. Like. Yesterday. England really doesn’t need another national tragedy. You think Kate was just like “oh, I’ll quit to go to Princess school, gonna drink some tea?” Please. The only sane thing to do is quit.

Rational Jen: They could get security.

Asshole Jen: It would be a nightmare for them to get enough security to make it work. And there’s no way it would be profitable for the company. At all. It works when it’s kind of a stunt – like remember when Prince Philip worked as a coal miner?

Rational Jen: In the 40′s? How old are you?

Asshole Jen: 96. Not the point. He had security. It was done for a month. Major precautions were taken to make sure he was going to be fine. Those precautions aren’t taken for Kate for Kate to continue party planning, and they probably can’t be on a permanent basis.

Rational Jen: Chelsea Clinton works.

Asshole Jen: Huh. I guess that’s because she’s the daughter of an ex-president as opposed to royalty.

Rational Jen: But wouldn’t that have been a problem up to this point? Like, if she’d gotten kidnapped or shot, that would have been bad, right? We all know who she is. It’s not like the relationship between her and Wills was really a secret. It would have been bad.

Asshole Jen: Real talk, Boring Jen. It would have been different.  Prince William would have shown up to the funeral, and we all would have been like “wow, why does Prince William have to have such a hard life?” Prince William’s girlfriend would be dead. It would have been sad. It would have been, real, real, sad. But there is a different between “real, real sad” and “another national tragedy.”

Rational Jen: Huh. I think you were the more rational one in this argument. Good points.

Asshole Jen: Will you let us enroll in astronaut school now? I still want to go.

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    • matbo

      Just want to point out that being royalty is a full time job, you have to attend events, cut ribbons and smile with children. Sounds vague, but true. They have a lot of functions that would interfere with any sort of normal work schedule.

    • Emily

      The Queen attends, on average, 500 events a year. William does a hundred or so now, and after he’s married he’s going to have to step it up. Kate too. She agreed to the lifestyle when she agreed to the marriage. She won’t have time for a real job.

      Not to mention, the position could go to someone who actually needs it.


    • Lisa

      What Emily and Matbo said. But it’s always fun to see the two Jens at it.

    • Kristen

      But it’s not that she’s quitting her job to get married. She’s quitting her job because she is now (almost) royalty. It’s in no way a feminist/marriage/role issue–I mean, it’s not like William is working some 9-5 job, either! Being royalty IS their job, both of them.

      Royals have schedules that are not only full, they are SO full that they actually use body doubles for some functions.

    • Ms. Thang

      Are they hiring? I need more money..

    • Lexi

      With all due respect… the workplace probably won’t miss her. She’s not exactly Crown Princess Masako.

    • Gutiesc

      are you guys kidding me right now? Kate Middleton planning parties for people other than royalty would be like Michelle Obama planning your crappy sweet-sixteen at Chuck E. Cheese.

      That woman has better things to do…like ruffle through the Queens jewlery.