Kardashian Silly Bandz Are Really Happening

What do the Kardashians have in common with Silly Bandz? Well, they’re both overhyped and something adults should be ashamed to like. So, naturally, there are special Kardashian-themed Silly Bandz now. Shapes include:

  • Each Kardashian sister’s silhouette
  • A diamond ring
  • The letter K
  • Lips
  • The logo for their store Dash

That seems woefully incomplete. Might I suggest a few more?

  • Scott Disick’s scary serial killer eyes
  • Rob Kardashian’s $15,000 erect penis
  • Photoshop
  • Khloe’s unborn fetus
  • Hair extensions
  • Kim’s sex tape
  • Bruce Jenner’s original face
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    • Shae

      Also, Kim’s legendary backside. No Silly Bandz set would be complete without it!

    • Ashley Cardiff

      what shape best says “putrid and venal”?