Would You Use a Scented Hairbrush?

The great minds over at Nylon introduced us to Urban Outfitters’ scented hairbrush. The brush comes in four scents – strawberry (pictured), lemon, grape, and coconut. Those all seem like excellent scents for lip balm, but for a hairbrush? I’m not sure if I want the scent of lemon lingering in my hair all day. And wouldn’t it be weird to sniff grape the whole time you were singing into your brush romantic comedy-style?

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    • Meg

      I’m in love! Only with the strawberry, maybe its just me but I think a red licorice scent would be nice.

    • marissa

      it just reminds me of strawberry shortcake and her scented comb. i think i’d like it.

      • CurlySarah29

        :) I had that brush and shampoo too!

    • vonnie

      totally! my hair products all smell like cake and things like that anyway, the brush would just be the proverbial icing on the cake! lol