Poll: Do You Wear Lingerie?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it seems like every store in the world is trying to get you to buy sexy lingerie. But does your boyfriend care more about getting you naked than he does about whatever cute frilly thing you just dropped a bunch of cash on?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • shhh

      yes, when I feel like it, which is not necessarily on special occasions but is not all the time.

    • Meg

      Yes, but not very often & I’m usually by myself binging on alcohol & “rocking out” to 80′s music.

    • L

      No. I don’t even own any. I wear cotton boyshorts and cotton bras and over them I wear cottton t-shirts and shorts.
      …I-I think I might be a man.

      • Rebekah Mae

        Haha I do the same. So I guess that makes us both men.

    • tae

      NO! if you a lil plus size but that big how do you feel right to wear it……what do you wear?