Random Photo: The Theft-Proof Wallet

If you’re afraid of getting mugged, this wallet is just the thing. It costs a ridiculous $875, but the cost is worth it – it has biometric technology that recognizes your fingerprint and will only open if your finger is pressed on the wallet. Sounds great – unless you accidentally slice off a finger while chopping onions. Not that that has ever happened to me.

[Via The Life Files]

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    • j

      that means should you drop it and some good samaritan wants to return it to you, they cant do that either. :(

    • Lucia Peters

      I feel like this is a good idea in theory, but then all the what-ifs start popping in my head. Like what if you accidentally burn off your fingerprints? Or what if your puppy finds your wallet and chews on the scanner, rendering it useless? Or what if…?