Red Carpet Rundown: The ‘Meh’ Dressed At The 2011 SAG Awards

In the land of red carpet fashion, there are good dresses, bad ones, and ugly ones. But more than these three combined, there is the ubiquitous Boring Gown: safe, forgettable, mermaid-hemmed columns in sparkly neutrals etc etc etc. Here are the non risks and the dresses neither great enough nor terrible enough to land a Best or Worst title.

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    • Lindsay Cross

      While these are pretty boring, I find putting Claire Danes and Winona Ryder in the same gallery a problem. The belt didn’t really go, but Danes looked a thousand times better than Winona.

      • Ashley Cardiff

        Point taken, because Danes did look way better. But both are so very boring! And the problem isn’t entirely with Winona’s dress right…?

      • Lindsay Cross

        Yea, Winona’s dress isn’t my favorite, but nothing else about it helps. The high school cheerleader hair, the random black purse, the oddly mashed boobs that lead to some of the least flattering cleavage I’ve ever seen… The whole thing just really bugs me.

    • Grace

      I agree with everything on here except Heurta. The dress was hideous. Her makeup looked disgusting. It looked like someone smeared axel grease on her lips, and then dunked her face in vaseline. And her hair looks like an 8th graders.
      She’s such a pretty girl and I think she could have done so much better.