Your Guide To Juice Cleanses

Jessica recently wrote a piece against juice cleansing, and living off liquids isn’t really my favorite idea ever. However, if you are considering them, there are some different options out there, and it’s good to be informed about what you’re getting into. Here’s the skinny:

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    • Emme S.

      wow, this really actually inspired me to go on a juice cleanse! :-) I just started
      eating vegetarian about 3 months ago and have been working to get my body in healthy functioning condtion. BUT.. I went to the websites for the juice cleanses…and it’s like $100 a day?? so a three day cleanse would cost me $300…plus shipping. um…do you know of any affordable juice cleanses? I spend $300-$400 a MONTH on food…so these are bit out of my price range :-(

    • Jennifer Wright

      Yes! Yes, they are! That said, do you maybe have a blog or feel like chronicling your efforts anywhere? I know that at least blueprint offers a discount for anyone writing about the products.