Poll: Have You Had Sex With Your Pet In the Room?

Thanks to my addiction to the blog Cats Watching You Have Sex, I’ve been thinking about whether animals should be in the room when you’re getting it on. If you live in a studio apartment, it’s hard to close the door and keep Fido from coming in the room. Have you ever had sex while your pet was in the room? If so, did it matter?

Sorry! This poll is now closed.

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    • L

      I read this title wrong. Oh, so freaking wrong.

      • AnitaB

        I did too!

    • Mary

      Our dog, who is in love with my husband, gets very upset when we start getting it on. She gives me a rude look, then sighs heavily before leaving. I don’t particularly care if she sees or not, but she thinks it’s gross.

    • anna

      Do fish in the aquarium count? :)

    • Lucy

      I suppose it kind of depends on the pet– cats sort of just do their own thing anyway, so they may be watching whether you like it or not…

    • DS

      This article too funny! On the weekend, I was in the middle of going down on my bf when my kitten tried to get right in between us!!! I pushed her right off the bed. But otherwise I don’t care if my cats are in the room, I’m usually too busy to even notice!

    • Mike

      I personally don’t care for an animal in the same room while trying to be intimate. I had a bad experience where a ladies dog decided to use one of my brand new boots as a chew toy and chewed the toe up while we where having sex! Needless to say they don’t just sell one boot at a time, I know I asked the lady where I bought them. She wanted to know what happened, I told her, and we both got a good laugh. Every once in awhile I’ll wear them and someone will ask what happened and I have to explain getting lucky isnt always so lucky.