Top 5 Neighborly Things You Should Be Doing

I’ll own up to not always being the best neighbor. I’ve been known, for instance, to have gatherings and not invite the people who live across from me, and then proceed to feel like the hugest douchebag on the planet for weeks afterwards, every time I see them.

To spare you the same pain, allow me to suggest a few neighborly things you should always do:

  1. When you move in somewhere new, introduce yourself to the people who live across the hall (or street) and next door. REMEMBER THEIR NAMES, even if you need to jot them down somewhere.
  2. Say hello every time you see them. Seriously, don’t be that guy that pretends that you don’t see your neighbors when they’re walking in the door ten feet away from you.
  3. If you’re having a party, invite them.
  4. Offer up a friendly gesture over the holidays. Bake cookies, or at least give them a card.
  5. If you know something has gone down with them, good or bad (i.e., death of pet or bar mitzvah) give them your condolences/congratulations. A card would be even nicer.
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    • Eileen

      I like this! Although I’d like to add an extra #6 – if you live in a place where there is sometimes snow, and you know that one of your neighbors is unlikely to be able to shovel his or her own walk, volunteer :)

    • L

      …Why? I hate people. I hate forced contact with them, as well.

      • johnnycomelately

        So when you have said raging party, they don’t call the cops.

    • Lindsay Cross

      My completely wonderful neighbors came over to help me shovel my driveway because my husband wasn’t home. We ended up getting everyone’s cleared pretty quickly by doing it all together. It was so nice. Definitely good neighbors in Indiana.