Poll: How Young Is Too Young for Hair Straightening?

Britain’s own Katie Price (aka Jordan) took her three-year-old daughter Princess Tiaamii to get her hair straightened at a London salon. (Price also reportedly gets her daughter’s hair dyed.) Price’s ex-husband – and Princess’ dad – Peter Andre is reportedly pissed, saying it’s harmful for a child so young to undergo that kind of beauty treatment. “If she wants to do it when she’s older that’s fine,” he was quoted as saying, “I’d prefer it if her lovely curls were left natural.”

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    • Lisa M.

      As long as the child can indicate that they want it and can be responsible about its upkeep (not financially, but… by not being in that stage where they give themselves haircuts), I think it’s fine.

    • Shannon

      Hair is about self expression; so, I really feel that a child’s hair should only be straightened when 1) they want it to be, 2) they have the skills to maintain the hairstyle themselves and 3) they are willing to make the commitment to keep it well groomed.

    • macalny

      I have no idea what this photo is of, but it’s scaring the bejeesus out of me! What the hell is that thing? Is it a man in awful makeup? A bad photo of a Kardahsian? A different unfortunate-looking woman? Good lord! Whatever it is, it’s a travesty. But also sort of fascinating – what would one find if one took a chisel to all the makeup?

      • Lilit Marcus

        It’s the mother of the kid whose hair is being straightened. Coincidence?

    • Lexi

      I agree with Peter Andre. Something bad must be about to happen.