• Thu, Feb 3 2011

Do You Wear Bronzer In Winter?

Shine says that it’s a beauty fail, and that:

Whitney Port’s super shiny and dark complexion doesn’t even come close to making it look like she just stepped off a tropical island getaway. Instead, it looks extremely fake and very out of season for winter.

Which, well, okay. I mean, I guess if you want veracity, everyone would be going around with really pale skin. But really, while I think she looks kind of shiny here, I also think that could just be because a flashbulb just went off in her face. She doesn’t look that terrifying orange Julius color that some celebrities do, so I’m giving her a pass. Do you wear bronzer our of season?

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  • Lilit Marcus

    Bronzer is one thing. But she just looks orange-y and too shiny.

  • Megan

    Forget the bronzer; can we talk about that dress? And the necklace?!

  • Kelly

    Bronzer isn’t supposed to be painted all over your face in the first place. Yes I wear bronzer in the winter. No I do not wear it like she is.

  • SusanCooper

    If your veins are visible through your skin, you can wear bronzer in any season.

  • Eileen

    First of all, Shine is stupid.

    But then, I think bronzer’s pretty stupid, too, no matter what the season. Just be your natural color.

  • Kinsley

    Bronzer, is totally okay any season if you use it the way it’s meant: to highlight your bone structure. However, no matter the season, it’s not okay to walk around with mud face.

  • L

    Blah blah blah fashion blah blah “seasons” blah don’t give a damn. Wear whatever you want, because really, who am I to judge? I wear jeans and a t-shirt IF I have to leave the house, and very rarely I do.

    • Jennifer Wright

      I like your increasing reclusiveness. Hermits are the coolest. Hermit in the house! (That hermit is me!)

  • Christina

    I wear bronzer year-round to make my skin look like the colour of actual skin.