Does This Lingerie Match Their Skin Tone?

M&S is launching a line of “invisible” lingerie to match women’s skin tones! Which is a completely brilliant idea! Except that – according to my eyes - this lingerie is visible, doesn’t appear to match anyone’s skin tone. Because, you know, human skin isn’t eggshell colored (though I commend them on finding one model who does, indeed, have a whiter shade of pale skin). But science went into this! The Daily Mail reports:

Using  spectrophotometer – a machine which determines the individual colours that make up the final colour of the scanned object – and information on ethnicity from the Office of National Statistics, designers settled on the four shades.

Soozie Jenkinson, head of lingerie design for M&S, said: ‘Women are no longer choosing to wear white bras under white blouses and t-shirts.

But… two of the bras are white. Which is weird, because, while my skin is pale, I would still say that it shows traces of being alive, rather than being a ghost. So far.

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    • Nicole

      It’s the UK; the whiter shade of pale look is probably M&S’s best-selling color.

    • Renae

      Hm. No color of Mexicans?

      • Candi

        This is in the UK. They don’t have the same ethnicity break-ups as in the US. Those colors look about right for what I see on the Tube/bus/street in London.

    • Jenn Jimnez

      I am now well into my 50s and I have tried everything on the market, even expensive bleaching creams purchased from my dermatologist. I’ve found that most skin lightening creams–if they work at all–lighten your skin and the scaring in equal proportions, leaving the scars just as prominent as before you started using the product; you look like you’re changing colors and you still have spots.

      What I was looking for was something that would even out my skin tone; leave my skin color as it was but smooth out and/or lighten only the scars so that my face would have the same even coloring all over. Nothing worked, that is until I found Dr Max Powers Scar Serum. I thought it should just be used on scars, but I used it all around my face as my moisturizer. And I am extremely happy with the results!