• Thu, Feb 3 2011

Random Photo: Nike Clogs Might Be the Ugliest Shoes Ever

I’m not sure who the target audience for these shoes is – Dutch people who need running shoes? People who like swooshes so much they won’t notice these are clogs until they’re halfway back from the mall?

[Via High Snobette]

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  • Meg

    Wow, that’s pretty bad.

  • Jacqui

    Hands down the worst pair of shoes ever made – but really not a surprise coming from Nike.

  • AshleyDe

    crocs are still uglier.

  • Quin

    Oh, get over it. Those are awesome, more for the concept than for actually wearing, but awesome.

  • nerdypaws

    I want these. Bad. One for my desk at work and one for a nightstand at home to hold pens and chopsticks in. Or I can just paint some myself. Either way, fantastic.