Poll: What Do You Think About Tori Spelling’s Bridesmaid Dress?

We’ve written a lot here at The Gloss about weddings and bridesmaids. So it’s nice to see that even celebrities have to do their due diligence in friendships, and shell out the time and money required to be a bridesmaid (which they, like us, were happy to do, of course).

Anyway, the latest celeb to take part in a friend’s wedding was Tori Spelling, who was also not exempt from wearing a bridesmaid’s dress. What do you think about her knee-length blue number?

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    • Mary

      What the hell is it doing to her boobs?

      • Pantstron

        OM NOM NOM NOM. Seriously, just add eyes to the waistband and some jagged white lines for teeth at the top, and it’s clear that it is trying to eat her.

    • Danielle

      I might like it better if it actually fit her properly.

    • Jody

      That’s definitely not knee-length. It’s just not flattering on her.

    • j

      do we need an anatomy lesson? that’s not a knee-length dress, it’s mid-thigh.
      and it looks terrible on her chest, ick.

    • Vida

      It looks like her right boob got caught in the fabric when it was tied around her chest. I guess that’s why she looks so uncomfortable!